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Are waterproof mascaras dangerous?

Are waterproof mascaras dangerous?

Ranked among the must-have cosmetics for beauty enthusiasts, mascara has the power to accentuate the eyes by colouring the lashes. It enhances their length and thickness. This treatment is applied with an eyelash curler for voluminous lashes and to open up the eyes. Waterproof mascara enjoys considerable success in the world of cosmetics, but its drawbacks are not insignificant.


Why should you apply waterproof mascara?

Enhancing the gaze and giving it intensity, waterproof mascara coats the lashes without running for a certain period of time. However, it is more difficult to remove compared to regular mascara. The difficulty of removal is therefore the first disadvantage of waterproof mascara. Indeed, the very components of waterproof mascara envelop the lash and create a barrier against water. Its plasticising formula preserves the curl given to the lashes for a flawless gaze as long as necessary. Once applied, its effect is immediate. It is generally used during the summer, as it resists water or facial sweat.

The effects of waterproof mascara on the eyes.

Containing polyvinylpyrrolidone, a carcinogenic ingredient derived from benzene and mercury, waterproof mascaras can cause various irritations, and even allergies or more or less serious infections. This product is difficult to remove and requires the use of a specific makeup remover. Indeed, as it is water-resistant, you must use a fatty substance or a formula containing oil to make it disappear.

The first rule to remember is to remove your makeup gently to avoid pulling out or breaking your eyelashes. To start, press a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover against your lashes to dissolve the mascara. Then, gently wipe to avoid pulling out your lash fringe. Similarly, always slide the cotton pad soaked in makeup remover in the direction of your lashes.

When applying makeup, try to avoid layering on too much mascara as this can ultimately dry out your lashes. As a precaution, consider applying a primer before using waterproof mascara to protect your natural lashes.

The alternatives.

Mascara is among the cosmetics that can prove harmful to sensitive eyes. Waterproof formulas tend to cause irritations or dryness depending on the sensitivity of the eyes. To enhance your gaze, opt for a certified organic mascara to avoid the risk of skin irritations. The uniqueness of organic mascara lies in its composition, free from petrochemical elements. These are replaced by vegetable waxes and oils that are as gentle as they are respectful of the fragility of the eyes. By choosing these treatments, you will no longer have to rub your eyes and lashes. The makeup removal step will be facilitated, and mascara residues duly eliminated. Organic mascaras also have the ability to strengthen your lashes, giving them volume and substance.

Although they are fashionable, waterproof mascaras become dangerous when applied daily to sensitive or allergic eyes. They eventually damage the eyelashes and the skin around the eyes. Their composition should be studied before any application.


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