Soothing Toner
7% Niacinamide

Concentrated in active ingredients to soothe redness and inflammation, reduce imperfections, and balance the complexion.

91% naturally-derived

Active ingredients: Niacinamide - Rose Centifolia Hydrolate - Probiotics

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Made in France, Fragrance-free


The skin is naturally acidic. Some cleansers with a higher pH combined with external factors like pollution can disturb the skin's fragile pH balance. When damaged, the skin's acidic mantle causes irritation and can't defend itself against bacteria that can end up causing pimples and inflammation.

This soothing toner has the ability to rebalance the skin's acid pH after washing your face. It also removes the limestone and mineral residues present in tap water during cleansing.

Concentrated in anti-inflammatory active ingredients, this toner soothes the skin and helps to reduce redness as well as the feeling of frequent tightness after cleansing.

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The skin can experience redness for various reasons: heat, allergic reactions, inflammation, stings... The high concentration of niacinamide in this serum promotes microcirculation, reduces redness, and soothes the skin. This ingredient also acts on imperfections to enhance the overall appearance of the complexion and refine skin texture.

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