Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Bienfaits de l'huile essentielle de sauge sclarée sur les cheveux.

What are the benefits of clary sage essential oil on hair?

Originating from Southern Europe, Clary Sage is characterised by its pinkish-white and purple flowers and its large serrated leaves. This perennial plant typically grows on the arid and limestone hills of Provence. Its essential oil is beneficial for the skin and hair.

Clary Sage Essential Oil, a brief introduction.

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) is an aromatic plant of Mediterranean origin. Belonging to the Lamiaceae family, it grows on the arid hills of France, North Africa, and Southern Europe. Thanks to its purifying and toning virtues, this plant was used as a medicinal herb in the Middle Ages. Known for their scent, its leaves have long been used to flavour meat dishes, wine, and even to prepare beer in England.

The essential oil of clary sage is extracted from the large serrated leaves and flowering tops. It is obtained through a complete distillation process by steam distillation. The clary sage must be dried for 1 to 3 days prior to distillation due to its water content. It has a relatively low yield of 1 to 1.8% for approximately 2 hours of distillation.

Exhibiting an oestrogen-like action, this essential oil is contraindicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as children.

What are its benefits for the hair?

This clear and liquid essential oil of a light yellow colour, with its characteristic and gentle scent, contains over 250 compounds. Linalyl acetate is the majority constituent (around 74%), followed by linalool (around 10%), sesquiterpenes (germacrene-D) and diterpenols (sclareol).

When applied to the hair, it offers two complementary benefits.

  • Stimulating hair growth

    As a scalp tonic, it could potentially stimulate the growth of hair follicles. However, it should be noted that no scientific study has substantiated this claim.

  • Combating Oily Dandruff

    It has been proven that the two major causes of dandruff are the colonisation of the scalp by microorganisms and the overproduction of sebum, particularly in the case of oily dandruff. Furthermore, hyperseborrhoea promotes the proliferation of fungi responsible for dandruff. Therefore, the use of anti-seborrhoeic active ingredients such as clary sage essential oil is beneficial in combating dandruff.

Due to these virtues, clary sage essential oil is a key component in ouranti-dandruff shampoo. This shampoo treats both types of dandruff through the synergistic action of an antifungal agent that combats the growth of the fungus responsible for dandruff, and a jujube plant extract that helps regulate scalp flaking.


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