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Tinted Serum: How Much Should I Apply?

Tinted Serum: How Much Should I Apply?

Highly appreciated for its dual function (skincare and makeup), the tinted serum is a product that is easy to apply. A tiny amount is enough to provide your skin with moisture and nutrition, while evening out the skin's complexion. Learn how much you need to apply for a natural and light look.

Definition of a tinted serum.

The tinted serum is a hybrid product, which oscillates between a foundation and a serum. This 2-in-1 skincare product helps moisturize and protect the skin due to the active ingredients in its formula. In addition, it has colored pigments that merge with the skin, allowing it to fulfill the role of a foundation. However, this type of cosmetic is not intended to correct skin defects. It is therefore an excellent alternative to enhance the complexion, providing moisture and nutrition to the skin. Unlike other tinted products, the complexion serum is lighter than the foundation and more concentrated than the BB cream, ensuring a natural, light, luminous and non-shiny look.

At Typology, our complexion serum is available in 6 different shades, based on the FITZPATRICK phototype classification, which groups 6 skin types according to skin tone and reaction to sun exposure. This hybrid treatment has a moisturizing, slightly covering and smoothing texture that does not clog pores or give the feeling of a thick, occlusive layer on the skin. Indeed, our tinted serum allows to correct the irregularities of the skin and to attenuate the aspect of the small imperfections (rednesses, black spots, wrinkles). At the same time, it allows to reveal the freckles and other natural characteristics of the skin. It unifies the skin texture naturally. Enriched with natural active ingredients, our tinted serum is composed of:

  • Vitamin C, which helps to keep a luminous complexion by neutralizing free radicals, to better protect the skin from external aggressions (pollution, smoking, sun exposure, etc.). It limits the appearance of brown spots and slows down skin aging.

  • Squalane, which nourishes the skin in order to restore and reinforce the hydrolipidic film. It keeps the skin hydrated and comfortable.

  • Aloe vera, which has soothing and hydrating properties. It helps to fight against dehydration and softens the epidermis thanks to its great capacity of water retention.

How much tinted serum to use on your skin?

For a good use, the tinted serum must be applied on a previously cleaned skin and after your daily care (face serum, face cream, sun cream). Another advantage of a tinted serum is its ease of application. Indeed, it does not specifically require the use of a brush or a makeup sponge. It can be applied in the same way as a face cream, using your fingers. In fact, spread it in dots all over the face, then stretch the material from the center of the face to the outside, without forgetting the neck. In terms of quantity, the equivalent of a pea (i.e. a pipette of tinted serum) is normally enough to even out the complexion. This amount can be adjusted depending on the coverage you are looking for. However, don't apply too much as this product is highly concentrated in cosmetic ingredients.


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