New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Routine des working girls.

The routine of working women.

It's a real challenge for women to balance work and femininity. In the morning, you inevitably don't have the time to complete your full skincare routine and apply makeup. This is where hybrid skincare comes into play. They perfectly combine the pigments of makeup with the active ingredients of skincare products. Here is a simplified beauty routine that suits you.

What is a "hybrid care"?

The hybrid trend was born in Germany, but it was popularised in Korea with the global success of "BB Cream", "CC Cream" and "Cushion". Since then, the growth of multi-functional skincare has continued to rise. By combining care and makeup, hybrid formulas offer a significant time-saving benefit by lightening the morning beauty routine. Now, it is indeed possible to apply makeup while addressing certain issues: wrinkles, excess sebum, dark circles, skin dryness....

Thus, there are mascaras that stimulate eyelash growth, eye contours that reduce the appearance of dark circles, lipsticks that provide nutrition and hydration, foundations that brighten the complexion, and eyeshadows that firm the skin. Moreover, women today are seeking short and clear formulas rather than an accumulation of treatments, including skincare products with a makeup benefit. Finally, their light-textured formulas respect the epidermis, unlike, for example, foundations loaded with silicones and mineral oils.

The routine of working women.

  1. After cleansing your face, preferably with a toning lotion or a hydrosol to remove the excess sebum and sweat produced during the night, moisturise your skin with a hydrating face cream tailored to your skin's needs.

  2. For a fresh and natural complexion, your next choice should be the tinted serum which provides light coverage. It literally enhances the complexion with pigments that unify the skin tone and minor imperfections, while flooding the skin with aloe vera, vitamins, and squalane.

  3. Next, proceed with thetinted under-eye concealer. Choose it one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Its formulation will blend with the skin to instantly correct dark circles and bags. It is also enriched with niacinamide, cornflower hydrosol and caffeine, active ingredients to correct the appearance of dark circles and bags. For its application, place an amount equivalent to a grain of rice under the eyes and lightly tap to blend the product.

  4. Add a corrective product to rectify spots and blemishes.

  5. Add a small touch of blush with the tinted balm for plump cheeks and to give a healthy glow effect.

  6. Finish by setting everything with a bit of mattifying loose powder.

  7. To intensify your gaze - Lifting cream eyeshadow

  8. A lightweight lash-boosting mascara designed to enhance lashes and intensify the gaze.

  9. For moisturised and enhanced lips - However, lipsticks tend to dry out the lips.

Little extra : Throughout the day, spritz your face with a botanical mist. This treatment will prove useful for refreshing yourself in a single gesture and giving yourself a boost.


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