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The benefits of the shower glove.

The benefits of the shower glove.

The washcloth is an essential accessory for cleansing the skin. Whether it's used on the body or the face, it gently removes various impurities. This beauty ally is also practical for applying soap to different parts of the body. Discover all the benefits of the washcloth for the shower.

What are the benefits of the washcloth?

Typically made from terry cloth, the washcloth has a texture that enables it to remove microbes from the skin. As a maintenance accessory, it works in conjunction with water and soap. To scrub the skin, it is ideal to use a damp washcloth. Indeed, it is important to regularly exfoliate the skin in order to remove dead skin cells.

Beyond this, the washcloth is practical for removing makeup and for eliminating skincare residues or impurities on the face. In this case, it is appropriate to choose a microfibre model due to its degreasing property. Indeed, this material has the ability to purify the facial skin thanks to its texture.

Some washcloths are even designed to optimise skin exfoliation. These models have a rough texture and are made from synthetic material. It is possible to remove dead skin cells by applying black soap to this type of glove.

What are the different types of washcloths?

There are several types of washcloths:

  • The traditional cotton washcloth that is particularly absorbent and easy to use;

  • Disposable wash gloves that are primarily used in care centres;

  • Gloves intended for specific uses;

  • Gloves originating from Eastern countries, such as the Kessa glove, which is used for the exfoliation ritual during Hammam treatments;

  • The horsehair glove, a type of wash glove made from plant or animal horsehair, is exclusively used for body cleansing.

How to correctly use a washcloth?

The washcloth is an accessory designed to cleanse and exfoliate the body. It is easy and straightforward to use. Once the glove is on, soak it with your usual cleanser (soap or shower gel), lather it up and apply it all over the body. For facial gloves, simply dampen them and sweep them across the entire face.

Here are some maintenance tips to optimise the lifespan of a washcloth:

  • Washing one's washcloth

It is crucial to consistently wash the washcloth with soap after each use. Then, during the rinsing process, do not forget to wring it out vigorously and ensure that there are no traces of soap left.

  • Drying your washcloth

Once the glove is clean, it is crucial to dry it as moisture promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi. To do this, you can place it on a tumble dryer or hang it with clothespins in a clean and well-ventilated area.


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