Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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How to use cornflower hydrosol according to your skin type?

How to use cornflower hydrosol according to your skin type?

The cornflower boasts numerous virtues: soothing, astringent, anti-inflammatory, etc... Here are our tips for using it effectively according to your skin type.

The cornflower hydrosol for dry skin.

The overall appearance of dry skin is often dull and lacklustre. The epidermis is in distress: it feels rough to the touch, tight, and uncomfortable. One may also notice surface redness, results of inflammation and irritation. To soothe this type of skin, we recommend incorporating into your beauty routine thecornflower hydrosol. Used after makeup removal as a lotion, it refreshes the epidermis while regenerating it. This floral water is a good toning treatment that also revitalises dry and devitalised skin.

Cornflower aids tired, irritated eyes and swollen eyelids.

Thecornflower floral water is an excellent decongestant for swollen and tired eyes. It reduces puffiness and pigmentation of dark circles. It is ideal for soothing skin that is marked by fatigue. Cornflower restores vitality to the complexion. Mixed with a vegetable oil, you can use it as a makeup remover for eyes and sensitive skin.

Cornflower hydrosol for problematic skin.

Individuals with skin issues, particularly those with acne-prone skin, can also utilise cornflower hydrosol. The primary property of the hydrosol is to soothe irritated or damaged skin due to its anti-inflammatory virtues. With a calming effect, cornflower alleviates redness caused by sunburn. This hydrosol has more than one trick up its sleeve, as it also regulates the skin's excess sebum. Due to its astringent properties, it reduces the visibility of enlarged pores. It is thus suitable for combination to oily skin. To reap its benefits, you can apply it every evening using a cotton pad. Follow up with a nourishing cream to hydrate your skin.

A boost for mature skin.

As the years go by, the skin tends to thin and lose its firmness. Daily use of hydrosols can provide a significant boost for mature skin. The one made from cornflower is particularly recommended for toning the skin with its antioxidant components that fight against skin ageing. It also tones the skin tissue and reduces the visibility of enlarged pores for a smoother skin. As a bonus, it has decongestant effects to combat puffiness, a characteristic of mature skin. Thus, cornflower hydrosol can be used by all skin types. Indeed, it is an effective toner for mature skin, but also gives a healthy glow to tired faces.


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