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Comment préparer sa peau à l'épilation ?

How to prepare your skin for hair removal?

Hair removal is one of the most common methods for eliminating hair. However, it requires some preparatory steps to be effective and limit unpleasant sensations.

Exfoliation, an essential practice before hair removal.

Performed once a week, typically two days before hair removal, skin exfoliation stimulates cellular renewal and removes accumulated keratinocytes from the skin's surface, preventing pore blockage. Moreover, exfoliation brings out ingrown hairs, which are then more effectively removed during hair removal.

It is advisable to favour fine-grained and not overly abrasive scrubs for sensitive areas such as the armpits, bikini line and face. The legs, on the other hand, can withstand a scrub with more substantial particles.

Typology has developed three scrubs using micro-exfoliating grains derived from ground apricot kernels. The facial scrub is less concentrated in abrasive particles than the body scrubs, in order to protect your skin.

  • The radiance facial scrub is recommended for unclogging pores and promoting cellular renewal.

  • The nourishing body scrub helps to soften and smooth the epidermis. It is particularly suitable for dry and uncomfortable skin.

  • The invigorating body scrub contains organic green coffee macerate (draining) as well as organic lemongrass and cedar essential oils (anti-cellulite). It is recommended for smoothing, firming and toning the skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Don't forget to hydrate your skin after exfoliation!

Whether your skin is dry, combination, or oily, it is essential to apply a moisturising treatment after exfoliation, whether it is on the body or on the face, particularly to restore the hydrolipidic film. Indeed, exfoliation has certainly allowed the removal of dead cells from the epidermis, but it has also weakened the protective skin barrier. Even better, following the scrub, the horny layer being thinner, it is the ideal time to provide the skin with active ingredients and nutrients that will be more easily absorbed, such as nourishing, firming, slimming treatments, etc...

To rehydrate your skin after exfoliation, you can apply one of our body creams:

  • The nourishing cream Squalane 10% + Shea Butter is enriched with nourishing active ingredients. It restores the skin's lipid barrier, reduces feelings of tightness, and protects the skin from external aggressions.

  • The firming cream Caffeine 2% + Guarana extract contains firming active ingredients and helps to tighten the skin tissues and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • The 10-ingredient moisturising cream is a minimalist formula that hydrates all skin types, even sensitive ones. It is formulated with 99% natural origin ingredients.

The pre-waxing trick.

Hot water interacts with the skin and opens the pores. If you are carrying out hair removal at home, taking a hot bath prior to the procedure can be optimal to facilitate hair removal. However, this technique is not recommended for individuals suffering from venous insufficiency or a circulatory disorder.


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