New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Comment savoir si votre eau de parfum est périmée ?

Does Perfume Expire, and How to Know If It Has Gone Off?

Can perfume go bad? Thanks to its composition, eau de parfum can be kept for long periods. Like all skincare products, however, it has an expiration date. In fact, certain changes are indicators that it's time to part with your eau de parfum, even if the bottle isn't yet finished. How to recognize expired perfume?

Does Perfume Expire?

Skin and hair care products are subject to regulations governing their shelf life. This date refers to the period during which the product retains its original qualities and presents no danger to the user. The expiration date of a product is expressed as the “use by” date. It is represented by a jar with an open lid, on which a number and the initial M are inscribed. However, for perfumes, there is no expiration date clearly indicated on the packaging

Eau de parfum generally has a shelf 

life of 36 months, depending on 

its composition.

Indeed, some eaux de parfum with volatile notes will have a short shelf life, given that the aromatic molecules dissipate rapidly. For example, an eau de parfum with citrus notes has a shorter shelf life than one with woody or amber notes

Signs of Expired Perfume.

Note that expired eau de parfum is harmless to the user's health, as the alcohol acts as a preservative against undesirable microorganisms. Beyond the expiration date, however, eau de parfum may undergo organoleptic changes. An expired perfume can be recognized by:

A change in smell. If you no longer recognize the scent you like, it means the perfume has passed its expiration date. In particular, it may smell sour or pungent, or even plastic. These are signs that the fragrance molecules have evaporated, giving way to alcohol, or that the eau de parfum has oxidized.

A change in color. A darkening in the color of eau de parfum is also a sign that it has expired. In fact, a dark color (yellow or amber) generally results from oxidation of the aromatic constituents. 

How to Optimize the Perfume Shelf Life.

Although eau de parfum has a limited shelf life, this period can be optimized by a few techniques.

  • To prevent evaporation of fragrance molecules, we recommend closing the lid after each use. This preserves the composition of the eau de parfum and prevents the alcohol from taking over.

  • Furthermore, eau de parfum should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light. Keep your perfume bottle out of the bathroom and away from sources of heat. Keep it in a closed drawer or in its original box, at room temperature (between 12 and 25 °C). These conditions ensure that the structure of the aromatic molecules is preserved.

  • When buying, it's also advisable to opt for small bottles. Once opened, the bottle leaves room for air, which may be responsible for the oxidation of the eau de parfum.  


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