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Astuces pour donner du volume aux cheveux plats.

How to add volume to flat hair?

Whether they are dry, oily or normal, hair can become flat and dull at some point. Excess sebum, pollution, unsuitable care... many factors can explain flat hair. What treatments should be used to restore volume to the hair? What are the right actions to take to prevent hair from flattening? Answers in this article.

Flat hair, lacking volume: what are we talking about?

Flat hair is characterised by a hair texture that lacks volume and bounce. It tends to lie close to the scalp without displaying much natural movement.There can be numerous reasons behind flat hair.

  • Poor habits:Regularly tying your hair too tightly tends to weaken the hair and give it a flat appearance;

  • The nature of the hair fibre:Fine hair tends to give the impression of flat hair;

  • An unsuitable haircare routine: By frequently using rich haircare products, you risk weighing down your hair and making it flat by losing volume at the roots;

  • An excess of sebum:This overproduction at the root of the hair tends to weigh it down and make it appear flatter.

Volumising treatments to inflate the hair?

Selecting a suitable treatment is the first step to take in order to add volume to flat hair. There are currently numerous treatments available on the market, ranging from shampoo to volumising mousse, which have been formulated to address this issue of flat hair. However, are they effective?

The aim of adding volume to your hair through treatments is to hold and set the hair in a specific position. However, it's important to note that shampoos do not have the capacity to ensure this function, as once rinsed, their effect on hair hold is limited. Furthermore, when it comes to masks or conditioners designed to add volume, their direct application from the roots to the scalp can result in weighing down the hair, thus leading to a flatter appearance.

For volumising treatments, such as volumising mousses, these formulas are lighter and do not require rinsing after application. It is recommended to use them on damp hair, as this allows the hair to dry in a specific position and maintain it. To do this, take a small amount of mousse in the palm of your hand and gently apply it to the roots, lifting and detaching them as much as possible. This method will facilitate the drying of the hair in the desired configuration, thus providing more volume and hold.

Actions and tips to adopt for adding volume to flat hair.

It is also possible to adopt certain daily habits to prevent flat hair.

  • After shampooing, wring out your hair with a towel and then dry it with a hairdryer using a round brush, which will create movement in your hair and add more volume.

  • Keep your head upside down while you dry your hair. This will help to lift the roots and give them volume.

  • Use dry shampoo to absorb excess sebum and provide them with volume. This will prevent them from becoming greasy and flat from the root.

  • Avoid overloading your hair with treatments, as this tends to weigh it down from the root. In particular, apply the mask to the lengths and not the roots.

  • Avoid touching your hair too frequently, as this can promote the onset of greasy hair and diminish the volume of your hair.

  • The use of heated rollers can help to provide additional volume. The heat opens the hair cuticles, which allows for a temporary alteration of their structure and the creation of curls or volume. The hair is then cooled, which closes the cuticles and maintains the position of the hair.


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