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Le concentré illuminateur pour rehausser instantanément le teint.

Glow Drops for Instant Complexion Enhancement.

Packed with illuminating active ingredients, glow drops reveal the skin's radiance. Its fluid texture quickly penetrates the different layers of the epidermis for instant results. But, what are glow drops, and how does our illuminating serum work?

Published November 28, 2022, updated on April 16, 2024, by Maylis, Chemical Engineer — 3 min read

What Are Glow Drops?

They are a facial serum. Generally, a serum is an intensive care product with a concentrated formulation that provides an answer to targeted skin problems (wrinkles, lackluster skin, oily skin, brown spots, imperfections...). They are used to remedy temporary imbalances or chronic imperfections, and can act on several levels. For example, lightening serums contain molecules that reduce pigmentation spots and restore skin homogeneity. Due to their formulation, serums are applied in small quantities, which explains why they are generally packaged in small bottles. Their fluid texture is easily assimilated by the epidermis.

Serums can be used even without any apparent problem. In addition to the desired effect, an illuminating serum or glow drops are popular for their moisturizing and perfecting action. This concentrate is a complex of skin-revitalizing active ingredients and skin glow vitamins. A radiance-boosting ally, it provides hydration, illuminates the complexion and refines skin texture.

Illuminators are generally less concentrated in pigments and pearlizers than highlighter products. When applying this type of skincare product, the aim is not to make certain areas of the face more shiny, but rather to achieve a fresh, luminous complexion with a natural finish. Highlighters are often applied in liquid form all over the face.

Discover Our Illuminating Drops Concentrated in Active Ingredients.

We've developed a glow drops serum formulated with 98% natural-origin, silicone-free ingredients. It's easy to apply! Mix with your moisturizer or tinted serum for a luminous, natural finish. Light-reflecting minerals enhance skin's natural radiance. It also contains two active ingredients essential to skin radiance and hydration.

  • Vitamin C

Naturally present in many plants, vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant and also known as one of the skin glow vitamins that reduces pigmentation spots and slow skin photoaging. Extracted from corn, our natural vitamin C is stable to light and heat, and has been specially developed to penetrate the skin. This molecule helps keep skin luminous by trapping free radicals generated by sun exposure, pollution or smoking. The skin is thus better protected from external aggressions.

  • Aloe vera

Rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids, aloe vera pulp is renowned for its moisturizing and soothing properties. Its high water retention capacity helps combat dehydration and soften the epidermis, making it ideal for fragile or damaged skin. Its soothing action is also appreciated by irritated, sensitive or reddened skin.


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