Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

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Accessoires pour transporter ses soins.

Discover our accessories to facilitate the transportation of your products.

At Typology, we have developed two kits of different sizes to allow you to carry your products everywhere without damaging them. Find details of these accessories below.

Our Typology accessories for carrying your products.

The travel toiletry bag, a pouch to hold your entire beauty routine.

  • Why choose a toiletry bag?

    Due to its practicality! This travel toiletry bag allows you to take all the products from your routine with you. It contains four internal pockets that will facilitate the storage of your favourite products and prevent them from leaking:

    • Intégrer deux sérums de 30 mL dans les deux compartiments ;

    • Ajouter un sérum de 15 mL dans le compartiment adapté ;

    • Disposer vos produits grands formats (crèmes, nettoyants, toniques, shampooings...) au milieu, au sein du compartiment principal.

  • How is it manufactured?

    In line with our philosophy, we have selected a material made from 100% recycled poly-cotton, derived from used clothing. These items were collected by charities and private companies before undergoing two transformations: a grinding stage followed by a bleaching process, which resulted in this ivory colour. No colouring stage was carried out following this bleaching. However, it is normal to occasionally see recycled fibres that have not been completely bleached. The pouches were then sewn following a specific pattern in such a way that the zip is invisible when they are flattened. For the finishing touch, the T logo was engraved on the zip.

Note : The lining of this kit is made from a material similar to that on the outside, namely recycled poly-cotton derived from used clothing.

  • How to maintain it?

    This accessory should not be machine washed, as there is a risk of it shrinking. The toiletry bag can simply be cleaned by hand with warm water.

The case, a pouch for carrying your serums.

  • Why choose a serum case ?

    Say goodbye to serums leaking in your bag thanks to our new rigid case! This case can hold four 15 mL Typology serums. This lightweight case makes it easy to carry your serums in your bag when you are travelling or simply on a daily basis.

Tip! This case is multi-functional. It also allows you to store and protect your prescription glasses or sunglasses.

  • What material is it made from?

    This beauty case is made from felt, a soft and lightweight fabric. Felt is not a woven textile but a type of felt obtained by felting the textile fibre. To stay in line with the minimalist trend, we have chosen a cream colour and a clean design, aligned with the graphics of our brand.

  • How to maintain it?

    Just like a travel toiletry bag, the case should not be machine washed, as this could cause it to shrink. Use cold soapy water (or slightly warm) and avoid scrubbing too vigorously.

The small case, designed to make transporting your soap easier.

Constructed from treated kraft material designed to withstand moisture and equipped with a magnetic closure system, this case allows you to carry your Typology solid soaps, even when damp, in your suitcases.

  • How to maintain it?

    Gently hand wash with cold water and then allow to dry in the shade. To avoid distorting the case, it is advised not to take it into the shower.


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