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AmandesComposition biochimique de l’huile végétale d’amande douce

Biochemical Composition of Sweet Almond Vegetable Oil

Sweet almond oil has been used since ancient times for skin and hair care. Derived from the first cold pressing of sweet almond seeds, it is 100% natural. This vegetable oil owes its numerous benefits to its biochemical composition.

The sweet almond oil, in a nutshell.

The almond tree is a fruit-bearing tree whose flowers are the first to appear at the end of winter, despite the morning frosts. This fruit tree is primarily cultivated in the southern regions, from the Alpes-Maritimes to the western Pyrenees, including Corsica..

This refers to a vegetable oil obtained from the cold pressing of the seeds from the fruits of the almond tree. To produce 1 L of sweet almond oil, approximately 2 to 3 kg of almonds are required. It is almost odourless and its texture is fluid with a greasy touch. It is generally pale yellow in colour, but it can be slightly darker, depending on the production conditions.

In cosmetics, its I.N.C.I. name is "Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil". This vegetable oil is the ultimate ally for dry skin. It nourishes, soothes and softens the skin. Thanks to its Vitamin E content, it has antioxidant properties that strengthen the skin's barrier function, making it more resilient.

The biochemical composition of sweet almond oil

To reap all the benefits of sweet almond oil, it must be 100% natural and derived from organic farming. This vegetable oil is naturally rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. It contains numerous active ingredients with properties beneficial for the skin and hair.

  • Vitamin E

    Tocopherol is apowerful natural antioxidant. It protects the skin and hair from the assaults of free radicals, which arereactive oxygen speciesproduced naturally by the body but produced in excess when cells are faced with astress. The sources of stress are numerous, the main ones being UV exposure, pollution, smoking, a diet too rich in fats and/or sugars. Free radicals are particularly unstable molecules due to theirsingle electron. They tend to react with other molecules to form apair of electrons, and then causedamage to cells, DNA and body proteins. They are notably involved in lipid peroxidation, a degradation reaction of the constituents of cell membranes. Ageing is thus accelerated and wrinkles appear on the skin surface. Sweet almond oil can thus help to prevent skin ageing and fight against the appearance and/or accentuation of wrinkles.

  • Fatty Acids

    The vegetable oil of sweet almond primarily containsoleic acid or omega 9, a monounsaturated fatty acid (62 to 86%). Oleic acid is a lipid that is part of the composition of sebum, a substance naturally secreted by the body to counteract the dryness of the skin and hair. It stimulates the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. Thus, sweet almond vegetable oil isrelipidating, it is recommended for the care ofdry and dehydrated skin and hair.

  • Vitamin A

    This compound isphoto-protective. When applied topically, vitamin A contributes to the protection of DNA against the harmful effects of the sun's UVB rays. Furthermore, it has the ability to stimulate thesynthesis ofmelanin, a skin pigment responsible for the brown colour of the skin and therefore fortanning.

    Note: Caution! Sweet almond oil does not replace a broad-spectrum sunscreenand should rather be used in addition to it.

Caution! To preserve each component of sweet almond oil, it must be stored in a dry place, shielded from heat and light.

In which Typology treatments can one find sweet almond oil?

Sweet almond oil comprises treatments intended for facial care.

  • Our bi-phase makeup remover for eyes is a treatment that effectively removes eye makeup, even waterproof. Its formula, enriched with castor oil and pea peptides (1%), strengthens the eyelashes. It also contains chamomile hydrosol to soothe the eye contour. You can apply it using our reusable cotton padswhich are washable and made from bamboo fibres.

  • Thecleansing oil with 7 ingredientsis a minimalist, fragrance-free formula
    suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested, it contains 99% naturally derived ingredients. Sweet almond oil is combined here with sunflower seed oil, rich in antioxidants, which protects against free radicals, nourishes the skin and facilitates cleansing.

This vegetable oil is also present in some of our body care products.

  • The nourishing body scrub helps to soften and smooth the epidermis. It is particularly suitable for dry and uncomfortable skin.

  • Our stretch mark gel-to-oil is a treatment enriched with healing baobab oil and shea olein, which acts both as a nourishing and protective agent. It helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, as well as improving the skin's appearance. Its fluid consistency quickly penetrates the skin layer and leaves no greasy finish on the skin's surface.

  • The nourishing body cream restores the skin's lipid barrier, reduces feelings of tightness and protects the skin from external aggressions.


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