Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Déodorant en spray, en stick, solide..., lequel choisir ?

Ball, Spray or Stick Deodorant… Which to Choose?

Deodorant is essential for eliminating perspiration odors. As well as fighting bacteria, it provides a feeling of freshness and a pleasant fragrance. Whether you're looking for a roll-on, spray, solid or cream format, choosing the right deodorant isn't easy. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

Deodorant in a nutshell.

Deodorant is a hygiene product applied daily to prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors. It is applied to the underarm area, which is often damp all day long. It's worth noting that the skin in this area is fragile and often damaged by frequent waxing and shaving. It is therefore more porous to skin care products, which can then penetrate the body. So it's essential to opt for a natural deodorant made with health-friendly ingredients.

Unlike deodorants, antiperspirants block the flow of perspiration. They also prevent unpleasant odors by limiting perspiration and eliminating bacteria. They generally contain aluminum salts, an ingredient that has been suspected of being harmful to health for several years.

Note: in everyday language, the term “deodorant” is more commonly used than “antiperspirant”. It's sometimes referred to as “aluminum salt deodorant”, when in fact it's an antiperspirant.

Which deodorant should I choose?

Solid deodorant, spray, roll-on… There are many types of deodorant on the market. Here's what makes them special:

  • Deodorant spray

This form of deodorant is prized for its practicality. Sprays are easy to apply and transport. In this form, deodorant is more often an antiperspirant. It takes the form of a fluid liquid that blocks perspiration thanks to the aluminum salts it contains. On application, it forms a dry powder under the armpits. Antiperspirant sprays are often appreciated for the refreshing sensation they provide on application. Nowadays, they are available in mini format, to slip into your handbag or similar.

Is spray deodorant harmful to the environment? Not anymore! Chlorofluorocarbons, released into the atmosphere by the transformation of certain gases found in aerosol cans, used to contribute to the thinning of the ozone layer. Since the early 90s, these gases have been excluded from aerosol cans (deodorants, hair sprays, etc.). Thanks to this worldwide action, the hole in the ozone layer began to close up considerably in the 2000s. According to specialists' predictions, the upper ozone layer over the Northern Hemisphere could be fully restored by 2030, while the gaping hole over Antarctica should disappear by the 2060s! 

  • Deodorant in cream form

If you don't like the dampness of a roll-on deodorant, opt for creams. New to the market, cream deodorants are recommended for sensitive skin, as they often contain ingredients to moisturize and nourish the skin. They are also generally alcohol-free.

  • Roll-on deodorants

Once applied, roll-on deodorants combat the formation of odor-causing bacteria. What's more, unlike sprays, they often leave no residue on clothing.

  • Stick deodorant

Also called stick deodorant, the stick is the solid format of the deodorant/antiperspirant. They often contain nourishing ingredients such as butters, and offer a pleasant, rich texture.

It all depends on skin sensitivity and individual sensations. In any case, if you have sensitive skin, be sure to use an alcohol-free deodorant, whatever its format. Then, if you prefer a quick-drying product, opt for a spray or stick. However, if you prefer a product that doesn't leave white marks, opt for a solid stick.

What about alum stone? Alum stone is not as natural as its name suggests. It can even be a 100% synthetic stone, made from Ammonium Alum or synthetic Ammonium Sulfate, a by-product of the nylon chemical industry. In all cases, whether natural or synthetic, alum stone contains aluminum salts, which we advise you to avoid as a precautionary measure.

Discover our FRESH solid deodorants.

Both our deodorants contain 98% ingredients of natural origin. They are formulated without aluminum, alcohol, or talc. They reduce odor-causing bacteria to provide a sensation of freshness thanks to their different fragrances: Bergamot – Green Mandarin and Rose – Vanilla. They contain the following two active ingredients:

  • Diatomaceous earth powder

Thanks to its microporous structure, diatomite powder is a drying agent that can absorb up to one times its weight in moisture. Its antibacterial action also acts on bacteria present on the skin, limiting the appearance of unpleasant odors.

  • Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate has naturally absorbent, anti-odorant and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe aggressed skin.


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