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A Towel for Head and Hair?

A Towel for Head and Hair?

The health of the hair depends as much on the care given as on the accessories used. Among them, we have the towel which plays a fundamental role. The question is: which type of towel to use for pretty and strong hair? Here is what you need to know about it. 

How to Choose the Right Towel for Your Hair?

There are certain criteria to consider in order to choose the ideal towel for head and hair in order to dry it, such as: 

  • Towel material: We have cotton, a natural material that has a high level of absorption but does so at a medium speed and requires a longer drying time; microfiber, a synthetic material that absorbs a fair amount of water, is more absorbent than a traditional cotton towel and dries quickly; or bamboo viscose that has a great absorption capacity compared to other fabrics but, on the other hand, its absorption speed is low, and the drying time is long.

  • Towel drying time: Choose a type that offers a fast drying time. This characteristic is closely linked to the absorption speed and therefore to the chosen material: the faster the absorption, the shorter the drying time.

  • Towel weight: Turn to a light towel for head and hair, synonymous with comfort, thus avoiding any problems (neck pain, back pain, etc.). In addition to impacting your health, a heavy and thick towel will tend to pull on your hair, which can damage it or even break it.

Which Type of Towel Should I Use to Dry My Hair?

To avoid damaging your hair, you should choose a microfiber towel. This is a material made of fine synthetic textile fibers of less than 1 decitex, which makes it comfortable, soft, light and gentle.

Note: 1 decitex corresponds to the mass 

in grams of 10,000 meters of yarn. 

Thus, any textile fiber with a decitex 

of less than one gram is considered a microfiber.

In addition to these characteristics, this type of fabric allows to dry hair quickly thanks to its speed of absorption and thus allows to preserve the health and shine of your hair. Indeed, the water is drained by capillary action in the dense network of microfibers. This textile also has the advantage of limiting the proliferation of bacteria and molds. In addition, no matter how often you shower or bathe, microfiber towels for head and hair also have the advantage of resisting daily wear and tear as well as being a durable fabric that does not easily deteriorate, tear or lose its original appearance. However, microfiber is sensitive to high temperatures. It is therefore recommended not to exceed 40 degrees when cleaning it in the machine and not to iron it with a very hot iron.

How to Dry Your Hair With a Towel?

After shampooing, hair fibers are full of water and therefore more fragile and vulnerable. First, remove the excess water from your hair by gathering it between your hands to gently wring it out. Avoid twisting your hair in all directions. This is an overly common practice and can damage your hair. Next, gently dry your hair from roots to ends with a towel dedicated to this purpose in order to absorb the humidity. Don't rub your hair, as this can cause frizz and hair damage. At this point, your hair is no longer soaked but is still wet. To finish drying your hair, wrap it in the towel, especially if you have long hair, for a few minutes. However, contrary to popular belief, using a hair dryer to dry your hair does not damage it any more than leaving it in the open air does to preserve it. In fact, water causes the scales to swell and crack, and air drying knowingly takes longer. It is not recommended though to overuse the hair dryer to keep your hair healthy.


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