Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Some Reviews on Hyaluronic Acid.

Some Reviews on Hyaluronic Acid.

What is ha (hyaluronic acid)? As a molecule naturally present in the body, hyaluronic acid ensures the hydration of the dermis and gives the skin its rebounded appearance. Nevertheless, its content decreases over the years, allowing wrinkles and fine lines to appear on the surface of the epidermis. In order to compensate for this lack, hyaluronic acid injections are effective but can have side effects. Using a skincare treatment containing this active ingredient is a less invasive alternative to reduce the signs of aging. Find here some opinions on the hyaluronic acid before and after.

Dr. Stéphanie SOULÉ, Scientific Communication Manager at Typology, Shares Her Opinion on the Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid.

“Hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient to use from the age of 20. On young skins, it prevents dehydration wrinkles while on more mature skins, it visibly attenuates the signs of aging already present and gives a plumped-up appearance to the skin. Its action is twofold: it retains water like a sponge and acts as a film-former against external aggressions and pollution. Obtained by biotechnology, it offers the added advantage of being particularly well tolerated by the epidermis, which recognizes this molecule because it is already naturally present in the body.”

Your Opinions on Our Hyaluronic Acid-Based Products.

Typology has formulated several care products containing this hydrophilic molecule with hydrating and anti-wrinkle virtues. Here are some of the users' opinions about the hyaluronic acid benefits of our products.

Julie B. (22/12/2020): “I've been using the toner for several weeks, and from the first use I saw the difference. My skin has regained its elasticity, and above all, it is much less dull than before. The tonic is odorless, its texture not too liquid to allow a good application by dabbing. It gives a real boost of freshness and radiance to the face!”

Ingrid A. (02/14/2021): “Great toner that leaves the skin fresh and hydrated. Absolutely not aggressive for the skin, I love it.”

Nathalie S. (02/06/2021): “Very fresh, pleasant, moisturizing, this toner has everything. It has become a daily essential.”

Luciana P. (12/25/2019): “The skin is more supple and well hydrated throughout the day.”

Rachida R. (07/01/2020): “Serum that keeps its promises! It is not greasy and melts quickly on contact with the skin despite its gel texture. Perfect as a base before moisturizer.”

Chloe R. (07/02/2020): “Very moisturizing, tightening effect on the skin. Keeps skin hydrated and supple all day.”

Stephanie J. (02/22/2020): “I like its texture and ease of penetration for a serum. A tightening effect that can be felt as soon as it is applied!”

Gaelle C. (10/06/2021): “Extremely hydrating cream. My skin is more supple again.”

Lena M. (17/07/2020): “Its scent reminds me of almond! I've been using hyaluronic acid cream with shea butter for just 10 days and I can already see the before and after in my skin's hydration. It is softer and really nourished! I love it!”

Ingrid C. (07/25/2020): “Fluid cream easy to apply. Skin is flawless all day. I highly recommend.”

Marie G. (07/27/2020) : “Very nice texture cream, very nourishing without leaving the skin oily. My skin looks more beautiful. To be continued.”

Mallorie C. (09/08/2020): “I'm delighted with this discovery, finally a really moisturizing cream, pleasant to apply and we love its packaging! Combined with the hyaluronic acid serum after sun exposure my skin is replenished.”

Flavie R. (02/09/2020): “I have a combination skin with imperfections. I might as well tell you that finding a cream that doesn't make my skin shiny is a real challenge. Today, I am happy to have found it! This cream has no fragrance and all you have to do is apply a small amount on your face. It penetrates quickly and does not leave a greasy film.”

Isabelle W. (07/17/2021): “With a light skin I need a good protection and this sun cream is perfect non-greasy protects and leaves the skin soft.”

Nadia L. (19/07/2021): “I really like the presentation very sober, the perfume is discreet. The cream does not leave any white trace, it melts well in the skin. The protection is sufficient for my skin which tans rather easily.”

Renata V. (20/07/2021): “It is precisely what I was looking for. I have very dry skin and this cream is light but nourishing while protecting the skin. The smell is a delight.”

Charlotte (02/20/2019): “After years of applying semi-permanent polish on my nails, they are completely dried out and damaged. So, I wanted to test this product and I now apply it regularly on my nails. I could observe that they are revitalized and strengthened again! The plus: the format. It is so cute :) I carry it around in my bag every day.”

Patricia H. (06/26/2020): “This is undoubtedly what I needed. Very pleasant product, not greasy and odorless. Penetrates rapidly and the results of ha benefits are there!”

Micheline L. (8/26/2021) : “My nails are stiffer and no longer break.”

Jeanick B. (3/04/2019): “This cream has an excellent value for money but above all, it really moisturizes dry hands well with a soft but not sticky finish, very discreet fragrance. To use without moderation.”

Lucia P. (10/04/2019): “It penetrates well, does not leave the hands sticky and moisturizes properly.”

Micaela M. (05/26/2020): “It moisturizes well and is absorbed quickly without leaving the hands greasy. I have a tube in the bathroom, on my desk, in my bag… I can't live without it.”

Conclusion: Thus, in our care products, hyaluronic acid accumulates the strong points. Those who have adopted it agree that this substance maintains the moisture balance of their skin and brings tone and firmness to their skin.


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