Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Les avis sur l'hydrolat de bleuet.

Opinions on cornflower hydrosol.

Cornflower hydrosol is obtained through steam distillation. It provides numerous benefits to the skin and eyes. Many have already tried Typology's cornflower hydrosol. Here are the user reviews on this treatment.

Some opinions on cornflower hydrosol.

Cornflower hydrosol is primarily used on tired eyes and irritated skin. It notably has a decongesting effect and helps to alleviate various unpleasant sensations at the epidermal level. Here are some comments left by our customers about this treatment:

  • Geraldine S.: "This cornflower hydrosol is ideal for decongesting. I use it in the morning as a compress on my eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, I use the caffeine serum to complete the process."

  • Romain: "I was not familiar with this hydrosol before I tested it by mixing it with the purifying charcoal mask. Its soothing effect on the skin is quickly noticeable."

  • Fabienne R.: "A very pleasant product. The distinctive scent of cornflower fades quickly. As I have a skin that absorbs a lot, I make eye compresses for myself."

  • Valérie J.: "This cornflower hydrolate is perfect for my sensitive eyes. In the morning, it is very effective in brightening the gaze."

  • Marilyn D. : "I use Typology's organic cornflower hydrosol morning and evening. My eye contour appears brighter and less fatigued."

  • Latifa A. : "I am very satisfied with this organic cornflower hydrosol. My skin is well hydrated. My two daughters also use Typology products and they are delighted with the results."

  • Nicole H. :"Cornflower hydrosol is the first step to decongest the eyelids. I apply it to my dark circles at the start of my morning routine."

  • Martine F.: "A very relaxing product that deflates the small bags under the eyes. I love it!"

Generally, users are satisfied with the results offered by Typology's organic cornflower hydrosol. According to regular users, this skincare product helps to brighten the eyes and prevent tired features in the morning. It eliminates dark circles and bags under the eyes. It also aids in treating irritated and red eyes. Regarding the effects of this skincare product on the skin, the majority of our users confess to being satisfied. This formula alleviates feelings of discomfort and allows for the restoration of healthy skin in just a few uses. Some of our customers use the cornflower hydrosol in conjunction with other Typology skincare products. This type of combination appears to be fruitful and constitutes an interesting option for achieving the desired result. This formulation concocted by Typology thus proves to be an alternative for all those with sensitive and reactive skin. To apply it correctly, you can use our set of bamboo fibre makeup removal pads.


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