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Misconception: the sun's rays are less intense in winter.

Misconception: the sun's rays are less intense in winter.

It happens to everyone to underestimate the effect of the sun in winter. Most people believe that the sun's rays are less intense during this period. Are they right to believe in this common misconception? Here is the actual reality.


Are the sun's rays truly less intense in winter?

The intensity of sunlight is partly less in winter, but no less dangerous for the skin. UVB rays are less significant in winter, while UVA rays maintain the same intensity. Thus, it is this second type of ray that is dangerous. It should not be underestimated, as it is the source of many health problems. UVA rays are linked to photoaging. Indeed, if the skin is not properly protected, prolonged exposure to UVA rays can lead to skin ageing. The surface loses its elasticity while wrinkles appear on many areas. In some cases, the skin becomes rough as it falls victim to dryness. In the worst case, UVA rays increase the risk of skin cancer such as melanoma. This is a tumour that occurs when the cells responsible for pigmentation become cancerous.

Should we protect ourselves from the sun's rays in winter?

Given that the sun's rays are no less harmful in winter, it is crucial to protect yourself adequately. This advice applies regardless of your location, be it on a terrace, in the street, and especially on a high-altitude ski slope. The higher you ascend in altitude, the more you expose yourself to risks, as the rays reflected by the snow are potent. It's also important to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses. Regarding your skin, it is recommended to apply a suitable sunscreen, paying careful attention to the SPF when purchasing. This is the index that determines the level of protection against the sun's rays provided by the product. Generally, the index should be above 15 for adequate protection unless you are skiing. Of course, this criterion depends on your skin type.


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