New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Mode d'emploi d'un concentré illuminateur.

How to Use Glow Drops?

An illuminating serum or glow drops enhance the radiance of the complexion. But how to use this type of product properly? How to apply it evenly?

What Are Glow Drops? What’s the Difference With a Highlighter?

They are one form of illuminator which is designed to give the face an overall glow. Unlike a highlighter, it doesn't focus solely on the highlights of your face.

An illuminator diffuses the

light rather than reflecting it: 

Illuminating products are generally much 

softer and give a more subtle glow than highlighters.

Some illuminating drops are hybrid products, somewhere between makeup and skincare. They contain pearlizers and/or pigments to give the skin a luminous appearance, as well as radiance-boosting active ingredients such as vitamin C.

Glow Drops Makeup: Which Shade to Choose?

First, it's worth noting that illuminator makeup comes in a variety of forms: serum (drops), cream, illuminator stick or powder.

As for the shade, here's how to choose it:

  • A pink or peach-colored illuminator for a healthy-glow effect;

  • A colorless skincare product for maximum radiance.

For those with fair or very fair skin, we recommend a pinkish shade. An iridescent beige is also suitable for those with a light tan. For those with very dark skin, a light brown iridescent illuminator is ideal. However, all skin tones can opt for a colorless product for maximum radiance.

How to Apply an Illuminator?

Just as the application of a highlighter depends on the product used, the application of an illuminator depends on whether you use a powder, cream or liquid illuminator.

Since illuminators are supposed to give a more subtle glow than highlighter, many makeup artists suggest mixing the liquid illuminator makeup (glow drops) with your foundation or moisturizer. For quick and easy application, simply dab a few dots of liquid illuminator onto the back of your hand. Next, pour your foundation or moisturizer over the illuminator and blend until the two products are completely blended. Apply as you normally would with your foundation or moisturizer. If you're short of time, apply the liquid illuminator directly to your face, then apply your foundation and blend the two products together.

Cream illuminator is just as easy to use and apply. Like liquid illuminator, you can either mix it with your foundation, or layer it over your finished foundation, concentrating on the highlights of your face (your cheekbones, brow bone and along the bridge of your nose). This second method is often the simplest, as cream illuminators generally come in stick form. Blend with a makeup sponge or your fingers afterward. For an even more radiant effect, apply the product to your eyelids as an eyeshadow base – this technique is a sure-fire way to make your eyes stand out.

Powder illuminator can be used as a setting powder or on its own. However, unlike cream and liquid illuminators, it can be difficult to use your fingers with this type of product. We recommend using a fan brush to gently sweep the product over the top of your cheekbones and Cupid's bow for a more subtle shimmer. As illuminator emits a softer glow than highlighter, it just gives a more golden or rosy tint rather than shimmering all over the face.

Discover Typology Glow Drops.

We've developed a glow drops serum formulated with 98% natural-origin ingredients and no silicones. It's easy to apply! Mix with your moisturizer or tinted serum for a luminous, natural finish. Light-reflecting minerals enhance skin's natural radiance. It also contains two active ingredients essential to skin radiance and hydration.

Naturally present in many plants, vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant known to brighten the complexion, reduce pigmentation spots and slow skin photoaging. Extracted from corn, our natural vitamin C is stable to light and heat, and has been specially developed to penetrate the skin. This molecule helps keep skin luminous by trapping free radicals generated by sun exposure, pollution, or smoking. The skin is thus better protected from external aggressions.

Rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids, aloe vera pulp is renowned for its moisturizing and soothing properties. Its high water retention capacity helps combat dehydration and soften the epidermis, making it ideal for fragile or damaged skin. Its soothing action is also appreciated by irritated, sensitive or reddened skin.


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