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Hair Care and Glycolic Acid

Hair Care and Glycolic Acid

In cosmetology, ingredients of natural, animal or synthetic origin are carefully selected to solve a targeted problem. Some are intended for a specific purpose, while others, such as glycolic acid, can be used on the skin as well as in hair care. Let's take a look at its use on the hair.

Reminder on the Properties of Glycolic Acid.

Glycolic acid, of synthetic or natural origin, is a keratolytic agent, often found in plants such as sugar cane, grapes or beets. In general, this active ingredient works by loosening and removing dead and dull cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin. Unlike other A.H.A., glycolic acid is the smallest molecule of fruit acids, which allows it to sneak into the different layers of the epidermis or into the cuticles of hair shafts. It is also known for its pH regulating action: it stabilizes the pH of cosmetic products. In addition to the skin, glycolic acid also has many virtues for the scalp and hair.

In What Form Is Glycolic Acid Available for Hair Application?

In terms of application on the scalp, glycolic acid is integrated in various formulas intended for hair care. Thus, you can find conditioning shampoos that promote the hydration of the hair fiber and optimize the effectiveness of other styling treatments. This active ingredient is also present in some conditioners, especially those that are exfoliating. It is also possible to find detangling treatments or hair masks based on glycolic acid.

Why Use Glycolic Acid in Hair Care?

Glycolic acid is mainly used to treat scalps prone to dandruff. This keratoreductive agent facilitates the elimination of severe dandruff by removing it from the scalp. Whether it is dry or oily dandruff, glycolic acid also calms the itching and irritation that accompanies it.

Because of its small size, glycolic acid penetrates deep into the hair fiber. This characteristic allows it to bind to keratin, a fibrous protein that protects the hair against external aggressions and promotes its growth. By using a glycolic acid hair care product, the hair is strengthened and breakage is reduced. Unlike other ingredients that only repair the hair from the outside, this active ingredient treats the hair in depth to make it resistant and facilitate styling.

What Are the Expected Results When Using a Glycolic Acid Hair Care Product?

As previously stated, the glycolic acid shampoo moisturizes the hair fiber thanks to its ability to penetrate the cuticle. After regular use, the glycolic acid treatment brings shine and softness to the hair. It also improves the hair's resistance to repeated use of heating appliances, helping to restore silky, supple hair. In order to strengthen hair and prevent flaking, glycolic acid hair care exfoliates and moisturizes the scalp.


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