Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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À quel âge commencer l’épilation ?

At What Age Could Hair Removal Begin?

Puberty has a significant influence on the transformation of the body. It brings out the secondary sexual characteristics of the human being, with visible physical changes such as the development of hair, the appearance of menstruation in girls, the change of the voice in boys, etc. When can a young person start hair removal?

Hair Removal: Is There a Specific Age?

When the first hairs appear, most young girls, but also some boys, ask themselves whether they can wax or whether they should wait until the right moment. In fact, there is no set age. However, it is better to do the first waxing only once puberty has begun. This generally occurs around the age of 11 for girls, and 12-13 for boys. Speak with your parents.

For example, a young girl should wait until she has her period before starting to wax, so as not to harden her hair too much or increase its quantity. Note that if hair removal is done early, the fluff will turn into real hair. In any case, the later the hair removal is initiated, the more likely it is that the hair will be thinner and less numerous.

Hair Removal Is Definitely Not Mandatory.

The adolescent does not need to anxious about his or her hair. There is no need to make him or her feel uncomfortable, hair removal is not always necessary. Hair does not pose any hygienic or medical concerns. On the contrary, their major role is to protect the skin from external aggressions such as UV rays. At the level of the armpits and genitals, hair protects against irritation.

It is therefore important to remember that hair removal is above all a social norm!

How Can You Start Hair Removal?

If hair is a source of discomfort in the life of a teenager, it is important to support him or her as best as possible in the process of removing hair or talk with the kid why he/she feels like that.

While waiting for puberty, if hair discomfort is already present, it is recommended to first use a bleaching cream. This type of product will not accentuate hair growth.

Once puberty has started, it is possible to start hair removal. The razor is still the easiest tool to use, but it stimulates hair growth and encourages hair ingrowth. The razor is recommended for people with light hair, i.e. fine hair.

Waxing is the most effective hair removal method for dense hair because the hair is pulled out in its entirety, which weakens the bulb, unlike the razor. Thus, they grow back less thickly. Depending on his or her modesty, the teenager can choose to have it done at home, with or without help, or in an institute.

Today, laser is one of the most popular alternatives. However, it only works on light skin and dark hair. For minors, this technique requires parental consent. However, with the major hormonal fluctuations during adolescence, the results may not be satisfactory.


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