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4 periodic serums


Hormonal variations throughout the 4 weeks of your menstrual cycle have an impact on your face’s delicate skin.

Week 1

Week one begins on the first day of your period.
Your body’s low estrogen levels cause your face to feel more sensitive and dry.

Week 2

During this pre-ovulatory week, your estrogen levels are higher than normal.
This is the moment your skin is the most hydrated.

Week 3

After ovulation, your body produces more progesterone, which in turn increases sebum production. The pores on your face become more visible and your skin lacks hydration.

Week 4

This is the week before menstruation when progesterone levels are at their highest. At this time, your face is more oily and imperfections appear as the bacteria proliferating in your pores cause inflammation in your skin.

4 serums that meet the needs of each week of your cycle.

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