Clinically proven formulations for very dry, eczema- and psoriasis-prone skin.

Clinically proven formulations for very dry, eczema- and psoriasis-prone skin.

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Periodic serums

Cycle-2001Boxed Set

A set of four serums to meet the complex needs of each week of your menstrual cycle.

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Polly S.


United Kingdom, November 1, 2020



  • A serum for each week of your cycle

    Four periodic serums that correspond to your weekly cycles. Serum 1 starts on the first day of your period. Each serum is to be used for a span of seven days. Apply after cleansing, as part of your usual skincare routine.

    Week 1: Hydrating and soothing serum. The actives: hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, bisabolol and cornflower floral water. 89% naturally-derived.

    Week 2: Suppleness and radiance serum. The actives: vitamin C and fruit acids (blueberry, lemon and orange). 88% naturally-derived.

    Week 3: Hydrating and astringent serum. The actives: sugar extracted from wheat and ginger extract. 91% naturally-derived.

    Week 4: Mattifying and anti-blemish serum. The actives: seaweed extract and zinc. 89% naturally-derived.

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