9-ingredient lip balm

A minimalist fragrance-free formula that's suitable for sensitive skin.
Nourishes the lips to reduce tightness and dryness.

Dermatologically tested.
99.8% naturally-derived.

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Made in France, 100/100 Yuka Rating, Fragrance-free


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This lip balm has been developed using only the most essential ingredients. All unnecessary additives have been discarded. The end result: a nourishing lip balm that consists of just 9 potent ingredients to combat dry lips.

1. Shea butter: this butter offers anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties and protects the lips from feeling dry.

2. Lemon extract: this extract offers a cooling, refreshing effect while applying.

3. Hydrogenated castor oil: this emollient is added to the formula to soften the lips and create a lusciously velvety texture for the lip balm.

4. Sunflower seed oil: rich in antioxidants, sunflower seed oil protects the lips against free radicals while nourishing and softening.

5. Polyglycerides: derived from flax and castor oils, this ingredient offers moisture and creates suppleness of the lips.

6. Polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate: derived from corn and rapeseed, this ingredient is an emollient and protective agent that prevents the dehydration of the lips.

7. Glycerol and behenic acid ester: derived from coconut and corn, this emollient increases the viscosity of the formula.

8. Glyceryl stearate: derived from coconut and rapeseed, glyceryl stearate provides consistency to the lip balm formula.

9. Vitamin E: derived from sunflower oil, this antioxidant prevents the oils in this formula from going rancid.




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