Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

Limited Edition: Cleansing Balm with Organic Camellia Oil

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Que faire après l'application d'une huile de douche ?

Shower Oil: What to do after its application?

As one of the latest innovations in the field of cosmetology, shower oil is already making its mark in terms of skin care. It is suitable for daily use on all skin types. To enhance its effectiveness, discover the steps to follow after its application.

The benefits of using a shower oil.

Theshower oil is a hygiene product composed of a cleansing base containing mild surfactants of natural origin, supplemented with one or more vegetable oils enriched with fatty acids, antioxidants, and fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E. Its fatty substances are used to effectively rid the epidermis of pollution residues, impurities, sweat, dust and sebum accumulated throughout the day, and thus to deeply cleanse it without causing harm.

However, shower oil has many other benefits. It soothes and comforts skin that feels tight due to the cold and the friction of clothing, it rehydrates and nourishes weakened skin after swimming in a pool or the sea, especially during the summer, and it protects it from the drying effect of the lime contained in the water. Finally, its creamy and oily texture helps to restore the skin's hydrolipidic film, preserving it from dehydration and protecting it from external aggressions.

Thebath oil meets the needs of dry, sensitive and atopic-prone skin. However, contrary to popular belief, this cleansing care is not only for these skin types. It is also suitable for combination to oily skin. The shower oil thus allows for a softer, more supple and comfortable skin thanks to its formulation.

What should be done after using a shower oil?

If there is one step not to be overlooked after showering, it is moisturising the skin. However, we may think that with the cleansing oil that simultaneously cleanses and moisturises the skin, it is no longer necessary to consistently apply a body cream after showering, thus saving time in preparation. However, even if the shower oil helps to strengthen the natural protective barrier, preventing the skin from drying out, we recommend applying a moisturising body care after each shower, chosen according to your skin type and needs.


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