Botanical Oil
Organic Prickly Pear

Regenerates and firms the skin.

100% pure. Sourced from organic farming.

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Made in France, Vegan, Certified organic, Naturally-derived


Prickly pear is a highly-prized active ingredient in skincare. It's known for its repairing and protective properties that rejuvenate mature skin.

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Our cold-pressed prickly pear seed oil is grown and harvested in Morocco.

This oil is different from macerated prickly pear oil, where its seeds are soaked in olive oil for several weeks. Instead, the cold pressing of the seeds makes it easier for its beneficial properties to be extracted.

Prickly pear botanical oil is a rare and high-quality ingredient. Each pressed seed yields very little oil, making this active ingredient even more difficult to come by. To extract one litre of oil, more than a tonne of prickly pear fruit is needed.

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